Gone by Sssh.com Has Wrapped

After so much hard work by the entire crew and cast of Gone – A Story Of Love And Courage by Sssh.com, we now have to do some voiceover work and interviews to get ready for it’s release. 

It was such hard work to try and bring this film to life and I hope it comes out the way Angie envisions it. Being a part of this movie was a special experience and for those of you that see it in the future you will see a lot of hard work and care for not just a movie, but a topic and theme that hits home and is real life. The adult industry is a great industry and hopefully this movie can help people see that explicit sex and a strong story that is the actual foundation can coexist. I am so excited to see the finished product! I hope you all see it. See the website here for more information. http://sssh.com/gone/.

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